Friday, October 22, 2010

NALA's 2010 National Utilization/Compsentation Survey

2010 Utilization and Compensation
Survey Report Just Released!

Approximately every 2 years since 1986, NALA has conducted a national survey of paralegals. Paralegals invited to participate include members of NALA, non-members, and members of NALA affiliated associations. With over 20 years of reports, this regular "look" at the paralegal profession has produced some interesting and valuable data. The findings are divided into 4 sections: participant background; employers and paralegal duties and responsibilities; billing rates; and compensation levels. This report summarizes data collected fro mid May 2010-mid September 2010. Over 1400 paralegals partcipated from through the nation. The report is available at no cost at

Friday, October 15, 2010

NFPA Ethics Board-need candidates

If you are interested in being on the Ethics Board, please see below:

Dear Leaders and NFPA members:
I am seeking a candidate to fill the remaining term of Christine Flynn, who was appointed Chair of the Ethics Board at the 2010 NFPA Convention.  The candidate needs to be an NFPA Voting Member. The term will begin immediately and expires on July 31, 2011.
The duties and responsibilities of Ethics Board members are set forth in the Procedures Manual, Section 10.0E, as copied below:
            NFPA may be asked to provide its opinion or interpretation of the NFPA Model Code of Ethics and Professional Responsibility, the NFPA Model Disciplinary Rules and respond to related inquires from members, paralegal non-members, and other individuals and entities.  The general charges of the Ethics Board are twofold.
            1.         The Ethics Board shall respond to questions and matters involving ethical conduct, obligations, utilization and/or discipline of paralegals
            2.         The Ethics Board shall identify and respond to ethical issues on which interpretations or advice should be generated.
The procedures for selection are set forth in the Procedures Manual, Section 10.0C, a copy of which is set forth below:
10.0C  PROCEDURE FOR SELECTION:   Any individual interested in appointment to the Ethics Board should provide a resume and letter of interest to the Vice President and Director of Position and Issues.  It is recommended that non-NFPA members have demonstrated expertise in the area of ethics through published works, teaching experience, or other activities.  It is recommended that NFPA members have a minimum of five years experience as a paralegal as well as demonstrated activities in or knowledge of ethics and NFPA positions.
NFPA members must be voting members.
The deadline for letters of interest and resumes is Friday, October 28, 2010.  Letters of interest and resumes should be sent to the Vice President and Director of Positions and Issues at  Thank you.
Robert S. Hrouda, RP
NFPA Vice President and Director of Positions and Issues

NFPA - The Leader of the Paralegal Profession ®

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Practical Paralegalism: Top 10 Tips for Brand New Paralegals

I borrowed this from another blog I read a lot, enjoy! (click on the link to read all the text)

Practical Paralegalism: Top 10 Tips for Brand New Paralegals: "Even though I’ve only been blogging since October 2008, I hoard ideas for posts like a magpie hoards food and shiny items. Come to think of ..."

Monday, October 11, 2010

NFPA 2010 Conference is in the books

Wow, lots of information to digest after the 2010 NFPA Annual Conference in Cherry Hill, NJ/Philadelphia PA.

Saturday and Sunday consisted of a discussion of procedures, adoption of new amendments to the bylaws and other governing documents, and election and installation of new officers.  One of the new agenda topics brought to the front of the delegates during the convention was the establishment of an Ad Hoc (fancy word for Exploratory) committee to find out if it would be a good idea to change the US Department of Labor's  position on Exempt vs. Non Exempt Employees.  Currently Exempt Employees are considered salaried professionals who are not eligible for overtime and Non Exempt are just the opposite.  This, again, is just an exploratory committee, no one is going to talk to the Department of Labor just yet.  As we get closer to next year's convention, we might be discussing your thoughts on the matter.  If you would like to post your opinion on this blog, please feel free.  I would like to hear what you have to say about this. 

We also discussed the importance of being certified or registered by taking the PACE test offered by the NFPA (or the OSBA Certified Paralegal Test offered of course by the OSBA).  The president of the NFPA has issued a challenge to all organizations to have two members to not only take the PACE but to pass and become a Registered Paralegal (RP).  There are several benefits to becoming certified:

1.  Recognition:  With PACE you are recognized on a national stage.  Similarly, you are recognized Statewide as a certified paralegal with the OSBA. 

2.  More for your membership dollar!!!

3.  You are maximizing your profit potential.  While you will probably not be given an immediate raise by your firm, you will be seen as a more experienced paralegal and possibly offered more money if you change positions.

4.  You get to put that cool "RP" or "OSBA Certified Paralegal" next your name. And who doesn't like to see that when it comes across in an e-mail.

5.  You will help advance the paralegal profession and advance the idea that regulation/certificate is the way to go.

6.  Why not???!!!

If you would like more information on taking PACE or CORE which is the new test that will be offered next fall by the NFPA for those who are ineligible to sit for PACE.  For more information about CORE, you can e-mail me at or go to the NFPA website (

Also at is a list of your new NFPA officers.

In order to access member content, by the way, on the NFPA website (and you must be a PACO/NFPA member to do so) please e-mail me for a password.

If you have ANY questions on what your NFPA can do for you, please let me know!

More Pictures from NFPA Convention

                                         Policy Meeting
                                          Policy Meeting

                                         Region III
                                         Awards Luncheon

                                         Student Scholarship Award Winner

                                          2nd Student Scholarship Award Winner

                                           PACE Ambassador Award Winner

                                          PACE Scholarship Award Winner

                                          Association Pro Bono Award Winner

                                          Outstanding Local Leader

                                         Paralegal of the Year

                                          William Robie Award Winner

                                           Our own Teresa Scharf, winner of the Individual Pro Bono Award
                                          Region III Dinner

                                          Outgoing NFPA Officers

                                          Incoming NFPA Officers

                                         Teresa Scharf and Tricia Mays at the conference
                                         It's been a long weekend, time to be goofy : )
                                         Teresa and I with one of the Navy Legalmen
                                          View from my hotel