Saturday, October 15, 2011

Day three update

Cleveland Association of Paralegals wins Association Probono Award at the convention!

NFPA Convention Day Two

Day Two of the NFPA Convention-

Region III meeting took place today and we discussed several important topics.  Including those agenda topics that I had you all look at and vote on before I came to convention.  (See earlier blog post for SurveyMonkey link).  A few of the agenda topics that we discussed ended up on the administrative calendar.  These topics included the resolution regarding the CLE's (number 2 on my list of potential policy changes), the charity designation (#13 on my list), the Trademark use (#6 on my list), PCC and PACE Accountings (#9 and #10).  The reason these are moved to the administration calendar is because these items are considered more administrative matters than policy matters.  The policy matters are actually added to the bylaws, whereas administrative matters are considered items that are internal matters.  You do have a voice in these administrative matters.  I will keep you updated on administrative changes and if you have problems I can either direct your concerns to the correct person, or I can give you the name and contact information of the correct person to contact.

If you ever need to contact a board member or our region director, please let me know.  You can also find that information on the NFPA website (

As of 10/12/11 there were 8,545 members from local associations (like us), 169 individual members, 106 individual students, 6 individual military, 2 associate members.

The NFPA has two professional exams.  The first, of course, is PACE.  This one has been around for a while, although we only have a small handful of RP's (Registered Paralegals).  Over the next 12 months, I would like to help you become PACE RP's.  This is a fantastic opportunity and nationally recognized.  The PACE Exam has much of the same qualifications as the Ohio State Bar Association exam. There are classes and study guides available on the NFPA website and I will work on keeping you updated on these.

The other exam is the PCC exam.  This allows those professionals who do not qualify for PACE (or the OSBA Exam) to become registered paralegals.  The registration for this exam will be available on November 1.  This is a great opportunity for students and younger paralegals to become credentialed.  I will work on getting this info to you as well.

The new membership list that is online is getting some updates so it is more "user friendly" (especially to poor Marcia Smith who has to deal with it the most).  You can actually update your own profile information, however, I would say please let either myself or Marcia do it as this only updates the information for the CBA.  If you do not tell Marcia or I you have changed information and you change it on the NFPA website, we cannot promise that it will be changed in the CBA database.  So, again, please let myself and Marcia be the only ones you contact for this! Marcia's email is

Another cool thing about the membership list is you can chose whether or not you want to receive third party mailings, if you want to receive the Paralegal Reporter by e-mail instead of mail, or if you want to opt out of the e-mails from the NFPA (not the e-mails from myself, CBA or PACO).

As I always say,  you need to visit the website, there is tons of information so check it out  Right now, the password is pcc exam (don't forget the space) for the membership information.  It will change and I'll let you know when it does.  We're also getting a new website soon so stay tuned :)

That's all for now, look for my complete report on the Region III meeting and the Policy meeting when I return.  Oh, and pictures to come later as well as the Mall of America is just amazing.  We were there for a social on the evening of day two.

Day three is the policy meeting.  This is where the business is conducted.  Any questions, please shoot me an e-mail ( or

Thanks, much love, from your NFPA Primary Tricia Mays

Friday, October 14, 2011

NFPA convention day one

Welcome to Minneapolis, Mn. Day one (10/13/11):

The first day is generally a CLE day so I learned a lot of stuff that I will use in some future blogs.

We are staying down the street from the famed Mall of America, and yes I have been there. I'll post photos.

Next few days will be NFPA business. Thank you to everyone who sent comments for the policy meetings. They are going to come in handy.

Friday is the Region meeting where we will discuss more buiness.

Monday, September 19, 2011

2011 NFPA Convention Topics list and other

Hello all,

I realize some of you were at the meeting today and saw this list of topics. For those of you who were not, or for those of you who would rather look at the topics and give me your votes online, I have established a survey monkey account.  Please note, I had to use two separate surveys as they will only let me put 10 questions per survey for free (otherwise, they start charging).  Here are the links:

Please take the time to vote, this determines how I vote on behalf of our association at the convention.  Deadline for this is October 7, 2011.

Monday, March 21, 2011

Regulation and the State of Florida...are we close?

I received this from the Florida Alliance of Paralegal Associations :

On behalf of the Florida Alliance of Paralegal Associations (FAPA), I am pleased to announce the “birth” of two new bills to require mandatory paralegal regulation for consideration by the Florida Legislature in the session due to begin on March 8, 2011: Senate Bill 1612, and House Bill 1149 (attached for your review.)

FAPA delegates have been working hard during the “gestation” period of these bills.  As many parents out there can attest:  we’re always a little surprised when we find out exactly what our child looks like when they are born!   This is true with these bills as well.  They are very different from what we initially proposed, but they carry the “genes” for healthy regulation of the paralegal profession, and we will continue to work hard to develop a viable program under the Florida Supreme Court’s oversight if these bills are passed.  As new “parents,” the FAPA board will be very busy over the next few months, but we will try hard to send “pictures” along the way! 

All kidding aside, either Bob Hrouda or myself will keep you abreast of the developments on these two bills as we can.   I do feel a little like someone in the family has given birth (and I feel a bit like the one who went through labor), and am very proud to spread this news.  We are very hopeful for a positive outcome.

Wednesday, December 8, 2010